More positive reviews as Mike’s anger workshops help many start their 2013 anger free

When Mike Fisher leads a anger management workshop he knows that it’s not just people and their anger he’s dealing with. Family, friends, relationships, children and loved ones become mixed up in the problems, and it can be a painfull expereience for all involved.

Mike often says there’s nothing better than feedback from people that he has helped sort out their anger, and turned their life around. One of Mike’s latest workshops, the anger management workshop provided lots of positive reviews, with many participiants taking the time to email in and thank Mike directly.

People participating in the workshops were asked to answer a few questions about their experiences in the weeks following the workshop, and the responses were encouraging to say the least.

What differences in your behaviour did others notice?

  • Calmer, more approachable
  • Far more calm and understanding, looked years younger.
  • That I was clearly trying to not fly of the handle
  • That I was trying to manage my behaviour better and more willing to discuss my issues in a less hostile way
  • Hopefully that in situations where in the past I would have lost my temper I don’t now
  • I was easier to get along and live with!
  • Less reactive
  • I don’t lose my temper and I’m more open with my feelings about how I feel.
  • More relaxed
  • Was “less angry” i.e. I didn’t take out my anger on my partner.

What were the immediate benefits for you after the programme?

  • A deeper sense of calm and inner peace. Less inner chuntering chewing over anger issues and a deep desire to learn more about myself through counselling
  • Able to experience beauty in the world around me in an immediate and ‘in the moment’ way, which I had never known before.  Far greater personal insight, accepting of myself, able to self nurture in a way that was previously impossible.  Felt more confident in a range of previously stressful situations.
  • I felt a lot more able to cope with some of the issues surrounding my anger.
  • I had a better understanding of my issues and ways to prevent much of the triggers from developing
  • More assertive, better communication skills, empathy
  • It made me refelct more on why I get angry and has helped me not to lose my temper so readily

BAAM continues to recieve many emails of thanks a day, and to date has helped over 14,000 people directly, and over 100,000 through books, social media and the internet. If you are interested in booking a place on one of BAAM’s anger management courses, head over to the website where you can find lot’s of information to get you started on your way to beating anger.

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