Conflict Free Workspace

Resolving work place revenge cycles once and for all

Conflict Free Workplace

Have you ever thought about how much conflict goes unnoticed in the workplace? Are you aware of conflict but feel powerless to tackle it without creating more drama & destruction?

Disagreements between staff members can be much more manageable for a boss or manager to deal with as long as they have the correct mediation skills, however,  conflict between a boss and a staff member can be more difficult because of the power that the boss/manager holds. With this imbalance, it allows for issues to go unresolved and can cause high levels of stress and anger amongst workers.

When this happens it sets up revenge cycles between the victim and the so called ‘protagonist’, and these revenge cycles can come in many guises.  Eventually these revenge cycles get so entrench that they contaminate staff morale which ends up affecting the profitability.

We see organisational life similar to family life but on a much larger and more complex scale. And within these complex social systems so much damage can be done without anyone knowing.  What we will do is to help you to create ‘conflict free’ working zones for extraordinary things to unravel themselves.

A relaxed workplace creates happy people and happy people tend to excel in business.

Let us teach you how to make this happen in ten steps each one design to bring tranquility, peace and a conflict free workplace within weeks.

  1. Learn how to deal with conflict to allow you to resolve issues surrounding it – Whilst it may be tempting to forget your problems and brush them under the carpet, hiding from your emotions will cause you extra levels of stress, and will cause you to become more agitated and distressed. Which eventually leads to frustration and then conflict.
  2. We teach you a simple 5 step process that allows you to deal with stressful situations as soon as they arise. Rather than taking your frustration out on other people, we give you techniques to help deal with the problem at stake. This process can be learnt by your whole team.
  3. We educate you on recognising any needs you might have that are not being met – are these needs and expectations unrealistic? Are you expecting too much from yourself or others? Overworking & high expectations are a common cause of stress, and these are all topics we deal with in.
  4. We will look at ways that employee and employer moral can be boosted. In the past, we’ve worked with companies that decided to have a couple hours free time every friday, allow all the staff to to go on a short weekend away etc. Providing your employees with occasional extra benefits can not only boost their morale, but it will allow your life as a boss to be easier.
  5. Create space for more open communication –  if people feel safe to express themselves, they will excel in what they do, how they think and what they feel. Creating a safe space for discussions and airing grievances becomes the cornerstone of every successful organisation
  6. We help you develop strategies for creating ‘reward and recognition’ systems. If you want your company to be a stress and anger free environment, employees need to feel as though they are valued and respected, otherwise they won’t work to their full potential.
  7. Balancing EQ with IQ – According to Daniel Goleman who wrote Emotional Intelligence, developing emotional resilience and intelligence alongside intellectual intelligence creates much better leaders, managers and staff. Removing hierarchies and allowing people to develop their skills in a compassionate, caring and friendly environment is crucial, and we give you all the strategies you need to implement these changes.
  8. Learn to actively listening – listening to what your staff say is important, and in order to maintain a healthy work environment employees need to feel as though their voice is heard.
  9. We teach you the do’s and dont’s of conflict management, and how to avoid crucial mistakes that many inexperienced conflict management companies make.
  10. Learning to offer win-win situations as opposed to compromises is important in business environments, as it helps to keep everybody happy. We go through all the stages that you need to implement this technique, and we teach you how to make your workplace a fair and pleasant environment.

The conflict free workplace programme can be taught to work teams, departments and individuals over a daily, weekly or monthly period, depending on specific needs and requirements.

To maximise the effective of the programme, we have built a free 18 week programme that is accessible online after you have completed the initial course. This stay on track programme will help you to remember the key concepts that we teach you, and will give you easy steps in implementing the changes.

8 Rules for a Conflict Free Workplace

  • Stop, think and look at the bigger picture
  • Remind yourself it’s ok to have a different opinion
  • Listen
  • Use support where possible
  • Keep a personal development journal
  • Don’t take anything personally
  • Let go of your expectations of how you should be, others should be and the world should be
  • Anger by appointment only

For more information give us a call for an informal chat +44 (0) 345 1300 286.

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