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Stressed Out Kids At School

The headline promises, ‘Michael Gove, Education Secretary, has raised the possibility of longer school hours and shorter holidays.’ “Hooray,” you would expect parents to yell, “no more kids getting under our feet,” but what about the kids?Has anyone asked how the kids...

When is Anger Good for You?

I'm always getting moaned at for getting angry. The last time it happened was when the kitchen bin was over filled and the plastic bag had been pushed down the sides and hard to get. I never exploded with rage or anything like that, but I did curse and expressed my...

Why not practice this at one of our retreats for maximum effect?

Have you ever considered the pace of your  life, the speed that you think, feel, breath, eat and  generally do things? How about the things you really want to do but there is never enough time to do it? How often it does leave you feeling exhausted, irritable, stressed and spent? Take a break and have a look at our mindfulness retreats for a peaceful and relaxing get away for a stress free experience.