Anger Management for Young People

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Most young people¬†experience anger from time to time. It’s a natural feeling, like the rest of our feelings. Something that everyone experiences. It’s also part of our nature to express what we feel in some way. But, often with children and teenagers, their feeling of anger can be come uncontrollable and then they can find themselves in challenging situations, most certainly within an educational or correctional environment.

As a result, anger management coaching has become a priority in many schools across the UK, helping students to manage and control their angry outburst and prevent exclusion or legal intervention.

This 16 hour programme (45 to 60 minutes per week) is extremely effective with 11 to 17 year olds when they recognise they have issues with their anger and they are open to finding solutions to communication their feelings constructively.

This programme is effective as a one to one coaching session and also in group work setting.

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