Managing Shame – Coming out of hiding


Dates: 15th June
Times: 7.30pm to 8.30pm (GMT)
Fee: £9.75

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This webinar will give you greater insight into managing your Shame and honouring your vulnerability

According  to John Bradshaw the leading expert on the subject of shame,  suggests that the difference between shame and guilt – Guilt is ‘I have made a mistake and I apologise’  however feeling shame suggests, ‘I am a mistake, at the core of who I am, I am fatally flawed’ In healing ourselves from shame, Bradshaw says that we need to come out of hiding and name our shame.

Brene Brown says we need to show and express our vulnerable feelings to others. I suggest that we need to do both too heal ourselves from this terrible soul destroying and destructive affect.

What will be covered?

• The different types of guilt and shame based behaviour
• Overcoming limiting beliefs about yourself
•  Express vulnerability and surviving the fear of rejection and abandonment
• 10 potent tips on how to heal yourself from shame


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