Increasing your Self Esteem – Identify your needs and celebrate them!


Dates: 13th July
Times: 7.30pm to 8.30pm (GMT)
Fee: £9.75

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The difference between Self Esteem and Self Confidence is vital to understand.

Self Esteem has everything to do with self worth and self value. Confidence is about being skilled at doing certain things. Example, being good at your job or bringing up the kids.

To increase your self esteem, you need to identify what you need on an emotional level. It’s about making yourself a priority in your own life. The question that you might need to ask yourself:  Are you a priority in your own life? Do you know what it means to relax and nourish yourself? Are you clear around your boundaries? Do you find it hard to say no? Do you take things personally? If your answered Yes to most of these questions, it might mean that you have compromised your sense of self worth and self value believing that to feel good about you you put others before yourself. This is not healthy at all.

This webinar hopefully help you to realise how and why you feel the way you do about yourself.  It will also help you to start the process of prioritising in your life without the guilt and shame that often goes with it.

What will be covered?

• Recognising what your needs are
• Making yourself a priority without falling into the guilty trap
• Learning to be clear about your boundaries
• Prioritising your needs and meeting them yourself


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