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How the Courts Use Reports

So that the court can make a fair and accurate judgement about a case it is hearing, court reports are often used to gain an insight into the people and incidents that are involved in the case. One of most common forms of court reports is linked to the Family Court. A court report could be written by an Anger Management Specialist about what they think is the best course of action to take to support the person with the anger problem. In some case to confirm whether the person has a problem in the first place.

Also, there are times court reports help the Courts decide the best course of action. Court reports are often prepared by experts, in this case an anger expert. This will give the judge information when making any decisions or issuing any court orders.

In the criminal courts, reports are an essential part of the hearing. A judge in a criminal case will only pass judgement and hand down a sentence after they have considered all of the evidence. This includes pre-trial court reports that would have been prepared.

Fees for assessments and providing reports:

An Initial assessment will need to be booked upon which the best route forward will be determined.

Prices are varied depending on how in depth the report needs to be.

Detailed report: Price on request

This report covers in acute detail  from the assessment leading all the way up to the end of the final programme.

This includes the following; Initial report, mid term report and final report.

Further information regarding Court Reports that might be useful.

The duties of the solicitor are to find a suitable, reputable anger management specialist to conduct a series of sessions with their client.

The solicitor will usually ask for certain documentation from the anger specialist such as:

  • Qualifications and with whom they were trained and accredited by.
  • The experience of the Anger Management specialist.
  • The fees to see the client, and to write and prepare reports for the courts.

Phase One: the above info is then usually sent to the court services and passed onto the judge handling the case.  The Judge agrees the anger specialist’s credentials and fees, and the solicitors will arrange for the client to see the specialist.

Previous to the initial interview with the specialist, all court papers, police reports, social services reports and if there is a psychological or psychiatry reports will be requested and reviewed.  All these documents and reports need to be arranged before meeting up with the specialist for the initial assessment and is usually handled by the solicitor and the specialist. You will need to give your consent to have the report/s read by the specialist.

In the initial assessment, you are asked a list of key questions related to the issues in your life. If you agree to a programme of either one to one work or group work, the anger specialist will often write three reports. One at the beginning of the assessment, the second one mid-term of the course and one at the end of the course.

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