Beating Anger – Aggression prevention training


Dates: 22nd June
Times: 7.30pm to 8.30pm (GMT)
Fee: £9.75

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This webinar will help you to understand how your anger, left unchecked, turns to rage and fury.

Anger is something we do not manage as well as we need to. Often it controls us, and we use it to control others. Anger may cause us to react inappropriately towards loved ones, friends, or those we work with, instead of stopping to look at what upset us in the first place. Not knowing how to manage or recognize anger causes it to grow and intensify, affecting anyone that gets in the way. Anger is on the increase in our communities. It’s like a raging forest fire that cannot be extinguished without a clear strategy, money, time and effort!
To finally manage your anger, a person needs to have a very clear goal and objective and, with an excellent guide to help you, it’s possible to transform aggression into healthy clean and appropriate anger. Mike Fisher will be exploring our relationship to dealing with our own anger as well as others.

What will be covered?

• The different types of anger
• The three communication styles
• Why we get as angry as we do
• Your anger style
• Three golden rules of managing anger


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