About National Anger Awareness Month

For many years, BAAM has promoted the National Anger Awareness Week as the first week of December with the aim to help and support people in the lead up to Christmas. This year, we’re doing things differently. We’ve decided to make it Anger Awareness Month so that people can access information and help in understanding the underlying causes of anger and equip themselves to reduce their own or another’s anger in an effective way, especially during the season when demands can become even more extreme.

Mike Fisher, founder of BAAM and author of the self-help book Beating Anger, explains: “It almost seems impossible to have Christmas without a row these days. Someone’s fed-up in the kitchen, we can be over-loaded at work, everyone wants something different on the TV, relationships with partners and families are under the microscope, the kids are playing up and your parents-in-law are coming to stay… it’s a stressful time.

National Anger Awareness Month encourages everyone to prepare themselves with simple coping strategies to create an atmosphere of calm and co-operation.  To this end, we have created the ‘Keep Your Cool Over Yule Kit‘. Of course, what you learn from the Kit can be used at any time of year to help deal with those difficult emotions.

“National Anger Awareness Month is all about learning to take control of your behaviour. Everyone feels angry at some time; what matters is what you choose to do with it”


Keep Your Cool Over Yule Kit

As part of Anger Awareness Month (December 2014), we are giving away our updated Keep Your Cool Over Yule Kit, a PDF with ways you can keep your Christmas as stress free as possible.

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A2Z of Surviving Christmas

Christmas represents a time of communal spirit and gathering, helping us all get through the onset of the short, dark days of winter. Whilst all this merry-making and get-togethers can be a lot of fun, it can also have its pressures. Energetically, we push against ourselves to meet all the social demands and expectations, when nature is asking us to be quiet and still. We tend to over-stretch our pockets as well as our bellies and at the end of it all, it sometimes doesn’t quite all go to plan. In fact, the Festive Season all too often becomes the most stressful aspect of the year, making the object of connectivity very far from the truth. We’ve decided to put together some helpful tips to get you through the Christmas Season and to serve as a gentle reminder the purpose of this yearly ritual.

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12 Tips for Christmas

A guide to unwrapping Christmas stress

To highlight the effect the festive period can have on people’s mental wellbeing, we have compiled the following 12 Tips for Christmas on how to reduce stress levels, communicate more and therefore reduce the chance of conflict.

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If you’d like to check your stress levels:
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If you’d like a brief Anger barometer:
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May you and your relations share a wonderful Festive Season together!