Why anger coaches are desperately needed in the world

Why anger coaches are desperately needed in the world



As the world seems to be getting angrier, the need for anger coaches to help manage anger and stress is increasing exponentially, across the globe.

With the hectic lifestyle more and more people are becoming accustomed to, the more people are missing out on a good night’s sleep, which, as we know, increases anger and irritability and decreases our tolerance for putting up with stressful situations. As well as the sleepless nights that come with this lifestyle, heavy workloads and fast approaching deadlines cause us to feel stretched, almost to the limit, and can reduce us to a puddle of mixed emotions, meaning that we are more likely to snap at our spouses, children and colleagues.  This is where the anger coach comes in.

The anger coach can help us to understand that when we get angry, we are often reduced to our most childlike self- we are unable to think rationally and behave accordingly. This is usually because the trigger- what made us angry in the first place- is often linked to a childhood situation where we were made to feel helpless or similar. It is therefore important that we reflect back and analyse our adult behaviour on this contemplation.

Anger coaches are imperative to support and encourage us to recognise that the healthy expression of anger is a powerful opportunity for healing and transformation.

Anger coaches facilitate groups, couples and individuals to better manage the negative forces of stress and anger in every aspect of our lives. The goal of the anger coach is to help us, the clients, to find healthy solutions when dealing with the variety of emotional and psychological obstacles that we often encounter and go a long way to creating for ourselves.

These anger coaches can help us as individuals, couples or groups to understand our own or our partner’s anger and will help them break it down:

  • Destructive patterns rooted in primitive and archaic behaviours that were initially developed in order to protect us in the world will be identified and explored.
  • A commitment to change, mindfulness self-love and radical self-acceptance will be established.
  • Our own traumatic experiences that shape unconscious behaviours, rigid defence mechanisms, limiting self-beliefs and destructive thought patterns that can hinder our purpose and growth potential will be considered and recognised.

So in this day and age where juggling your home and professional life can make you feel incompetent, visit an anger coach to help you to manage your stress and improve your outlook on your life- they will help you make your transition from a negative outlook to a more positive outlook. Your anger coach will help you to be more realistic with your goals and achievements and help lower your expectations, as no man or woman alive is able to be Superman or Wonderwoman. So it really is worth investing in an anger coach today and improving your stress and anger for tomorrow.

Written by Hannah Johnson

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