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National Anger Awareness Month – December 2014

National Anger Awareness Month – December 2014

  About National Anger Awareness Month For many years, BAAM has promoted the National Anger Awareness Week as the first week of December with the aim to help and support people in the lead up to Christmas. This year, we're doing things differently. We've decided...

What is Emotional Quotient?

While it is often misunderstood as intelligence quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient is different because instead of measuring your general intelligence, it measures your emotional intelligence. Emotional Quotient is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply...

Stressed Out Kids At School

The headline promises, ‘Michael Gove, Education Secretary, has raised the possibility of longer school hours and shorter holidays.’ “Hooray,” you would expect parents to yell, “no more kids getting under our feet,” but what about the kids?Has anyone asked how the kids...

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