Historically, women have not been able or allowed to express their feelings due to their submissive roles. Therefore it comes as a surprise to many men when a woman gets angry, despite the fact that we live in the 21st century.

Anger is an expression of hurt so, naturally, every woman will feel it but they will express it in different ways. As many women have suppressed their anger for a period of time, this can potentially lead to a build-up of problems and then she can explode. In the past this was wholly unacceptable, as a woman must contain her anger. However, women are getting more comfortable expressing their anger, even if society is not.

There are many things that can contribute to a women’s anger.

Generally as teens, young women are generally not treated well by men or society, often getting treated like objects or being used and potentially abused, leading them to believe that they are not worthy of love, a is a primary human need. This can mean that the relationship that they often crave so much will usually be of a poor quality, diminishing their self-esteem. This often results in an ‘inward’ anger which is often the root of depression.

Another factor in a female’s anger is her upbringing, including her relationship with her father. If her father withholds affection she will crave it from other men, if this is the case she may report low relationship satisfaction when trying to find a partner. Another relationship relevant to female anger is that of her parents. She will either resent or want to emulate her mother, depending on whether she regards her mother as strong or weak-willed.

Of course men are not the only problem that women face. Society’s expectations are now for a female to be superwomen. A woman these days is expected to be successful in maintaining a full time job, be a caring and loving mother and do all the duties of a housewife.

It is a female’s prerogative to work in any way she chooses, but unfortunately these days it is common for a household to struggle on two incomes, let alone one, so many females do not have a choice.  This means more and more women are overworked and exhausted and at the same time are expected to be the perfect mother and/or the perfect wife.

Those who are stressed and fatigued are more susceptible to anger so it is not surprising that this combination of professional and family life is making the female population explode.

A man’s anger isn’t taboo so why should women have to keep quiet about their anger? After all, talking about it is the only way to work through it and find healthier ways of expressing and communicating our anger.

So I don’t know if women are becoming angrier or if women are just becoming more comfortable in expressing their anger. Either way, we are here for you to help you learn ways to express your anger in a healthier way.


Written by Hannah Johnson