What happens after you have completed an Anger Management Programme?

After saying goodbye to Mike Fisher and all the friends you’ve met over the weekend, the first promise you’ll make is to keep in touch and maintain that buddy support network, which Mike has been so keen on promoting all weekend.

Getting into the car, or settling on the bus or train seat, you’ll reflect on the experience you’ve just been through.

It’s been a weekend of deep emotions, of tears and frustrations. You’ve learnt things about yourself you never knew possible. You’ve brought up memories that were so deeply buried, you never would have guessed they had ever happened. You would have stepped out of your comfort zone and done something heroic.

The first question you ask of yourself is, now what?

Am I a different man or woman? Will I ever get angry or stressed again? Was it money well spent?

You will soon come to realise it’s yes, yes and yes.

You will be a different man and woman because you would have done something different to what you had always done. That decisive decision to take action would have taught you the skills to understand why you get angry and stressed, in ways you never knew possible.

You will find yourself living in a new paradigm, of which you weren’t the day before.


You will learn about:

  •     Managing Stress
  •     The Consequences of Stress
  •     Shaking the Apple Tree
  •     The Feeling Wheel
  •     Conflict Resolution
  •     The Six Anger Styles
  •     Three Communication Styles
  •     The Detour Method
  •     The Angry Brain
  •     The Clearing Method
  •     The Flow Process
  •     Your Shadow Self
  •     And the Six Rules of Anger Management


Don’t be put off by the academic feel to it. Mike Fisher introduces every subject gently and patiently, engaging with the audience to share their feelings and experiences, rather than lecture and preach.

You will see the benefit in stopping, thinking and looking at the bigger picture. You will revel in the freedom of having a different opinion, and not taking anything personally. You’ll have the skills, which you otherwise wouldn’t, to understand your anger and stress with a new understanding and use that knowledge to your favour.

Will you ever get angry or stressed again? You can safely bet your yearly income that you will.

Mike Fisher doesn’t promise you’ll never get angry or stressed again, though what he does promise you, is that you’ll see anger and stress in a new light, and be able to control it. You’ll come to see your anger as an emotion much the same as any other emotion you have. In fact, he’ll show it to be healthy in certain respects.

With the experience of over 17 years of teaching, Mike Fisher will get to the very crux of your anger and stress. As he’ll say more than once ‘suppressed anger is stress.’ By engaging with the exercises with an open mind and an open heart, Mike Fisher will take you back to the experiences laid in childhood, which have ultimately turned you into an angry and stressed out adult.

You’ll be amazed with what you learn about yourself…

‘Toxic Shame’, it sounds scary, though once you realise how it applies to you, is liberating. He’ll introduce you to your Shadow Self, and make you realise that when you get angry and stressed, you are in fact getting angry and stressed with yourself and not the person or situation of which is making you see red.

Mike Fisher takes you on a journey of self-discovery.

And was it money well spent?

The feeling of liberation and understanding of your anger is payment enough, and the bottom line is that as Europe’s leading Anger Management Guru, you wouldn’t get this knowledge from anywhere else.

With Mike Fisher’s ‘Beating Anger’ book in your hand and a wealth of information to take home, you’ll have all the tools to control your anger and not let it control you.

Offering one-day refresher courses six months down the line, BAAM hasn’t gone away. They’re there whenever you need them, just as the buddies you’ve met on the programme are as well.

Mike Fisher doesn’t stress enough the value of maintaining your buddy network and keeping an anger journal.

It isn’t enough simply going on the weekend programme and then going back home and leaving the knowledge behind. Having been told it, it’s now up to you to live it. Otherwise the money really would have been washed down the drain.

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