Stressed Managers

It’s the Christmas season and time to start thinking about the Christmas office party. The one time of the year we can all let our hair down and enjoy the Christmas cheer together. It’s the one occasion you can snog your boss and watch your manager make a drunken fool of himself.
Lets spare a thought for our managers for a moment. Could it be managers are the most stressed out people in the office?

Managers pressure from Above and below

In fact it’s in our best interest to keep our managers stress free and calm this Christmas, because stress is so contagious. Like second-hand smoke, stress spreads just as fast and lingers for just as long.
There’s a fine line between bad stress and good stress. Good stress is called ‘Eustress’ and it motivates us to be more than what we think we are, while bad stress is called ‘Anger’ and it leads to chronic illnesses like heart disease and death. A good manager is someone who delegates tasks and checks their own stress levels to ensure their stress doesn’t affect others. Good managers will never under-estimate the ill affects of second-hand stress.
Learn to stay alert and set your boundaries against stressful external sources, because it’s very easy to let someone else’s anxiety or sense of urgency increase your own inner feelings of stress. Second-hand stress is as contagious as the pneumonic plague! It’s that serious!


A good manager is a good communicator

Pressured from above to get the job done on time, within budget and by the book; a good manager will turn the stress of the job to eustress and set it as a challenge. Keeping in mind managers are paid to crack the whip and push us to our limits, they could be doing us a favour. Complained to from below at having to work too hard, too long and for too little; the managers get it in both ears and learn to communicate to get along.

Communication Skills are Central to a Manager’s Influence

The more stressful the situation the more a manager could communicate with their employees to calm the situation. Worried workers assume the worst and need clear expectations for their roles. Everyone needs to know the company’s direction and how they fit into it. While managers may not be able to share everything they’re told, the more open they can be with their staff, the more trusting and engaging the workforce will be, and the reduced stress keeps everyone happy at Christmas time.

Give your stressed Managers a Kiss under the Mistletoe from BAAM!

Enjoy you Christmas office parties from everyone at BAAM, the British Association of Anger Management.
BAAM was founded by Mike Fisher and has since grown over 17 years to become Europe’s leading anger management association. Having helped over 17,000 people, Mike Fisher is ready to help you beat your anger and beat your stress.

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