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It’s been a long road.

The British Association of Anger Management was launched in 1997 as a direct response to a vast need for anger management services severely lacking at the time. This was initially driven out of personal need as much as it was a response to the continual public request we were receiving from our London-based therapy centre, Room For Growth, at the time. To this day, we believe that anger management services remain lacking and each year we find ourselves committed to doing this work.

Having initially trained in the States in anger management, we returned to the UK and combined therapeutic processes from a range of different models bringing, what we believe, to be the best programme available in the country. Over the years our influences have included primarily person-centred psychology, CBT processes and psycho-dynamic work. We are continuously involved in this work and investigate any new developments and trainings that arise. Hence, as a result, we have come to recognise the need to broaden our perspective again and include the significant material of Mindfulness training and so, Mind Your Anger is born.

Over the years, we have explored different avenues to make anger management accessible across the country. In 2010, we launched the Beating Anger Franchise model training anger coaches across the UK to facilitate our unique method of training. Whilst the Franchise model proved to be ineffective we continue to train professionals in our Aggression Prevention Training model. Whilst our head office is based in West Sussex, we aim to offer courses in: East Grinstead, London, Guildford, Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Derby, Sheffield and Glasgow. Please view our course dates page for a full diary of events.

We remain being the only UK centre of expertise dedicated to delivering support and programmes in all aspects of anger, stress and conflict management. Our courses are available for the general public, young people, government bodies, corporations, the educational sector, personnel / H.R management, trainers, counsellors and anyone dealing with their own or another’s anger.

We believe we have something for everyone. From individual support, workshops, seminars, bespoke packages through to career professional development training with certification as well as online programmes.

Having authored two books over the years called ‘Beating Anger’ and ‘Mindfulness and the Art of Managing Anger’, our involvement with this work and commitment remains steadfast. We are recognised as the leading body in the UK for anger management and we do ongoing work with the Ealing Borough of London, Probation Services, Court Services, HR Departments and Social Services. In an effort to continuously educate the public we are often involved in the media, contributing to press articles as well as documentaries.

We guarantee that you will receive our years of experience and insight from attending one of our courses. We also guarantee that we will never stop developing our course material, so you will receive the benefit of our passion and service.



We offer support, programmes and training for anyone dealing with their own or another’s anger.


Heightens the senses, and increases our ability to think clearly and make positive life choices.

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